Nibble+squeak is a community of "parents with pipsqueaks" who love to eat!  A family-friendly resource for restaurant dining, we host private events that allow everyone to relax and enjoy the meal, in a welcoming and worry-free environment.

We work with restaurants to create an accessible, comfortable and accommodating haven for families with children of all ages.  And we gather like-minded, empathetic and food-loving parents to share a no-stress meal around the table, together.

With a rapidly-growing network in more than 10 cities across the globe, Nibble+squeak is helping to change the conversation about dining out with children, empowering them to explore and enjoy new experiences alongside their families. Our cities have so much to offer, and we should be able to enjoy them with pipsqueaks-in-tow!  

Come and join us for our next feast near you!