Nibble+squeak Omaha at J.Coco
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Nibble+squeak Omaha at J.Coco

Nibble+squeak is coming to Omaha!! Join us as at J. Coco for this very special launch.

J. Coco will be opening for its first ever brunch service on Sunday, February 17th just for Nibble+squeak!

Experience the warmth of American classics with a fresh twist. J Coco’s cozy comfortable atmosphere and farm-to-table cuisine will make our debut as delicious as it is exciting for parents and pipsqueaks alike.

Nibble and Squeak gathers families with young children around the table together for special meals. Adults can relax about feeding or rocking or calming their children, without fear of disturbing others. It's a supportive dining community where you can meet like-minded parents. And the little ones also really enjoy it: they get the chance to try new things, they socialize with each other -- it's fun for them too!

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