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Denver Nibble_squeak LAUNCH at Departure!

Nibble+squeak is launching our Denver chapter at one of Denver's hottest new restaurants, Departure!

Nibble and Squeak gathers families with young children around the table together for special meals. Adults can relax about feeding or rocking or calming their children, without fear of disturbing others. It's a supportive dining community where you can meet likeminded parents. And the little ones also really enjoy it: they get the chance to try new things, they socialize with each other -- it's fun for them too! 

We'll be dong a "punch brunch" in the semi-private Hanger on Saturday, June 3rd.  Adult tickets are all-inclusive, available with or without alcoholic option.  

**All kids eat for FREE, thanks to Mommy Nearest!**
**Nibbles for the Pipsqueaks provided by Plum Organics**



Root Vegetable Roll: sunchoke, sweet potato, carrot, avocado

Big Eye Tuna Poke: avocado, yuzu, chili, sesame crisp


Dim Sum:

Departure Wings: sweet chili glaze


Signature Items:

Coconut Pancakes: strawberry, coconut caramel, maple syrup

Five Spice Brioche French Toast: banana, peanut butter, toasted coconut, cashews

Smoked Salmon Omelet: avocado, lemon-miso, dill

Departure Denver Omelet: pork, aged cheddar, shishito pepper, gochujang



Curry Spiced Potatoes: fried onion, jalapeno

Scrambled Eggs

House Cured Bacon: Szechuan honey

Berries + Fruit: pandan syrup, thai basil, mint


Dessert: Off the Dim Sum Cart

Five Spice Bun: coconut, macademia, sesame

Crispy Sesame Ball: spiced date

Sugar Donut: ginger caramel