Books: A Food-focused Reading List -- Part 1

Everyone loves food -- at least everyone we know! -- so here's a group of food-related books about food culture, lives, history, etc. (just not cook-books) that we're excited about this season.  Some are brand-new, some have become classics, but all of them are thoroughly satisfying reads.

(The links are all affiliate links to Amazon -- so you can choose your fave edition or just download to Kindle.)

We love a good sweeping culinary history:

And our chef-worshiping side can't resist a gripping memoir:

Or maybe a novel with a nod to the culinary world:

Try something quirky for the coffee table:

For short-on-alone-time new parents, an anthology can be a great way to fit a read into brief quiet moments:

We already selected some books for the kids in our Holiday Gift Guide, but here are a few more, for all those nieces and nephews and cousins on your list: