A Sweet, but not Saccharine, Valentine's Day

We love all things pink and sparkly, so we'll indulge that whimsical side of Valentine's Day for the children, but sometimes romance isn't all about sugar... Keep things spicy with some savory treats too, some of which can and should be enjoyed after the kiddos go to bed!

In Lieu of Flowers.... We'll take a sexy sushi dinner over a sugared heart any day!  So for those magical *moments* between their bedtime and your own, put on your most festive pjs and order in a special treat!

Order from our friends at Caviar, use our code SQUEAK and get $15 off your first order!  We found some of the sultriest dishes available for delivery -- shellfish, uni, duck, sushi, steak tartare...

Ok, so we said we don't have much of a sweet tooth, but sometimes special occasions call for a few exceptions... we'd be happy to share any of these with our sweetheart: Gruyere Cheese Caramels, Champagne Gummy Bears, make your own amaro-flavored treats, or the gift of a golden marshmallow.  If you're going the chocolate route, go all the way, with 100% cacao: