Late Summer is the Best summer

Late Summer Farmers Market Fun


Trips to the local farmers markets are the highlight of our weekend, and celebrating the harvest is what this time of year is all about! Like the good foodies we are, we mark our annual milestones by what food we're eating. (Right now, copious amounts of plums and peaches and blueberries and tomatoes and sweet corn...) So don't pay *any* attention to an arbitrary school calendar, and don't listen to those folks already bemoaning the "end of summer," because we're only a *little* more than halfway through the season -- and the best of that produce is just arriving!

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Like luscious blueberries, in the classic book, a fab necklace or a cutie cap:

Peachy-keen summery muslin:

Sweet corn cheer:

Or refreshing veggies they (and you) can wear: