Nibble+squeak's Holiday Gift Guide 2016

We would prefer to spend our holiday prep time eating rather than shopping, But still... it's fun to look. We thought we would share the items we're *drooling* over right now! some links below are affiliate links.  And coming up next, our list of worthy charities to donate to this season...

Even the littlest babies can get a grown-up food fix -- a pretzel teether, ABC food onesies, donut slippers, or a pair of "appealing" toothbrushes:

If you've been to one of our events, you've probably seen the phil&teds' Lobster in action (full disclosure: they provided a lot of highchairs)  Use our exclusive discount code "NIBBLE+SQUEAK" for 20% off your purchase!


For the fashion-forward foodie -- a pizza purse, vegetable tattoos (I'm partial to the corn, toddler wants broccoli), some spiffy socks, and a statement tee:

We are big readers, so naturally we gravitate toward children's books that pique our other interests too:

And some random cheer-me-up food-related fun -- pickles that make everything better, an ice-cream truck toy, re-useable stickers, and a special treat for your Saturday morning:

But the item that is saving our life this season is the Echo Dot -- from reordering toothpaste and diapers, to turning off lights while there is a toddler on our lap, the Dot allows us that hand-free access to the internet that we wished for when we were nursing/napping our infant.  It (she?) can read books aloud, play music, even tell jokes or set reminders about what we put in the freezer and when. Techie and futuristic, but cheap ($39.99) and user-friendly enough to use every day, constantly. Thanks, Alexa.

Wishing everyone a warm and happy, content and full holiday season from Nibble+squeak.