Pizza, Baby, Pizza

So apparently last week was National Pizza Week in the US and we missed it! But not to worry, because, really, isn't every week pizza week??  Here are some ways to celebrate slice spirit everyday!

For the adults:  Now, we don't know any pizzaiolo who slices their pie into 7 (?) slices, but in case you and your six best friends need a way to show the world your love, the pizza friendship necklace has you covered!  // Or, decorate the most-used item in your daily life to show your pizza love --with a phone case to make you smile. // Sneak pizza into your wardrobe with a not-so-subtle pair of socks... 

For the little ones: Let the kiddos impress with their favorite food too!  We're not a fan of the photorealistic tees out there (too real!), but here are some cheery (not cheesy) pizza items for little feet, hands, bedroom walls and necks:  

As home decor: Give pizza the pride of place it deserves in your living room:  Isn't the coffee table more accurately the pizza table, anyway? Treat it that way with a glorious tome by aficionado Daniel Young// Get graphic with artwork that shows off pizza's best side //  Or go festive at any time of the year with a string of pizza lights!

Fun for Everyone: And a few more pizza-themed things for family play together!